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Originally Posted by MikeMike View Post
In the long and storied history of great Canadian thinkers regarding communications, like the late Marshall McLuhan for example, I have a theory regarding internet BB threads.

As the page count grows, talk of watches, females, deviant sexual practices, motor oils, meats (barbecued/grilled), beers, liquors, camera lenses and motorcycle owners will inevitably occur. The depth and width of the conversation regarding these subjects is directly proportional to the cultural backgrounds of those participating.

For example, a practicing Buddhist will likely have little knowledge of watches but likely will be a healthy contributor to discussions on motor oils (Can motor oil really change itself if it wants to?), camera lenses (Am I seeing through the lens or is the lens actually observing me?), and motorcycle owners (Can a KTM veteran rider really stop breathing only through their mouth?).

If you frequent the pages of Jo Mama and WTF, this is very evident.
And will a BMW still break down if no one is riding it?
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