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I'm adding a rekluse core EXP (centrifugal) auto clutch to a cr500. (The company does not [officially] support this application)

Making it fit is the easy part. Making it function may take a bit more thought. What I'm attempting to calculate is the clamping force at various RPM to see how effective additional weight would be (really the only variable easily changed).

what i'm working with

measurements from the exp "ring":

Total wedge weight 159g
wedge spacing diameter (centers) min 124mm, max 131mm
ramp angle 18.5 deg
spring force ? (not yet measured)

engine parameters
primary reduction 2.52:1
idle RPM 1500 rpm

I believe the correct equation to be:
Fc = m v2/r
= m (n 2 ? r / 60)2/r
= 0.01097 m r n2

n = revolution per minute - rpm

Or in this case

m = .0159kg
r = .062m
rpm = 595

.01097*.0159*.062*(595*595) = 38.3N

which when the 18.5 degree ramp angle is included (3:1) the clamping force would be 114.9N

Can anyone tell me if the basic calculation is correct?
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