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Cliff Diving - Ha!

Cliff is passionate about combining sports. This is from the weekend's ride, where Cliff pioneered a new activity that has elements from motocross, gymnatics and the 100 meter freestyle relay:

Ten feet was the difference between a successful crossing and the swimming version. Cliff's dismount was epic. He nailed the landing (on his head) and let the 350 do all of the aquatics. He even extracted the bike solo while some jerk made snide remarks and took photos.

The front fender and master cylinder were the most apparent victims. Another casualty was one of the bottles of Bass. May it rest in peace. Maybe cans would be a wiser choice.

After a quick check of the airbox to ensure that no water had been ingested, we were on our way. Unfortunately, Cliff's forward velocity was limited to about 10mph by the sloppy conditions and lack of a front fender. I was forced to stand about idly, drinking the remaining Bass's as I waited for him to catch up.

The moral? Beware of iceholes. They're everywhere.


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