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What to do with an old hybrid?

My wife has a 2008 Saturn Vue Green Line (Hybrid). It is a mild hybrid, meaning that the electric motor runs the accessories while stopped, it uses regenerative braking, and it helps power the wheels during acceleration. It never drives solely in electric mode. I like it because it is big enough to carry my bike on a hitch carrier and it is good on road trips. I would like to keep it when my wife upgrades (I don't get upgrades, I get hand me downs).
The question is, what to do with a hybrid when the hybrid parts start to fail or lose efficiently? My wife's car has already had the hybrid system fail and be replaced with the warranty. If the system has an issue after the warranty runs out, it would not be worth repairing. At that point, the car will be fairly depreciated and the system is not that much help in MPG anyway. I would want to either ignore the failed system or remove the battery to save the weight. The space the battery occupies keeps the Vue from having a spare tire.
So have people hit this point with the original Honda Insight or other early hybrids? I see this as a real issue in the future. No one would want to spend thousands getting a new battery on an old car (replacement Insight battery is $2095 online). If you removed the battery on any of the full hybrid cars you could remove hundreds of pounds (if the car would run at all).
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