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Originally Posted by Carlossal View Post
Hi all,

1)The manual says to move the fork slider in and out, "tapping the bushing lightly" until fork tube and fork slider separate. Does this mean, just keep working it in and out until they separate - the slider pulling out the bushing? I can't see any other way I can tap it.
I put the fork leg in a vice with some rag around it and pulled the inner slider in and out so the bottom of the slider hits against the seal, I started with taps but it took hard yanks to break the seals loose and get them out, I had to be fairly brutal, who-ever put them in didn't put any grease around them... also, make sure you remove the circlip that sits above the oil seal, under the dust seal....

2) I have the brake off too, and am trying to replace the pads. I say trying because I successfully took the old pads out, but now the new ones won't fit in . I suspect my piston is very very sticky, and wondering how people get around this.
I had the same issue getting the piston to go back in... I put the old piston side pad back in and squeezed with a F-clamp while cracking the bleed nipple open, .... Don't try pushing the piston back in by putting force straight on the face of the piston, for heat insulation they have a thin metal covered fiberglass disk on the end of the piston that could easily be damaged...

Any help much appreciated. I was getting spongy braking, really soft suspension and repeated diving and rising on braking, so figured suspension and brakes both needed work. I'm replacing disk as well as pads, but wasn't planning to do any more on the suspension than fork oil and seals.
I always had a fairly spongy front brake... I suspect it was due to the old rubber brake hose expanding... If your brake overhaul doesn't fix the issue it might be worth trying a braided brake hose...

Good Luck :)
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