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Another option if you don't like shifting or have medical issues that make it difficult, is an automatic motorcycle. Honda has one with a scooter/cruiser upright riding position called the CTX700. I have given it serious consideration. The thing is I haven't bought anything even though there are a great many bikes and scooters out there I would love to have, is because I have a perfectly good, comfortable 750cc cruiser motorcycle, all set up the way I want it, a 225cc dual sport, and three smaller scooters. One of the scooters, a Zuma 125, has just over 3000 miles on it, and is basically new. The Genuine Stella is definitely a keeper, for the fun factor alone (2 stroke, manual shift and clutch) and it can be rebuilt forever easily and cheaply. The Vino 125 runs great, still looks almost like new (living room kept) though it does have high mileage on it (25,000) I don't have room for another bike, and I would take a huge loss if I sold one of the ones I already have. At 54, with health issues, I probably already have enough bikes to last me the rest of my riding life.
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