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Originally Posted by chazbird View Post
Friends with Prius':

2001 Gen 1: bought new 210,000 miles, no problems - sold for $6,500 a year ago - still running fine (another friend bought it).
2004 Gen 2: bought new 45k - no problems. (rides a bicycle a lot)
2004 Gen 2: bought new 320,000 miles no problems.
2004 Gen 2; bought new 130,000 or so miles - no problems
2005 Gen 2; bought new 218,000 miles (last I heard) - no problems.

I haven't heard of these people, or anyone, needing to buy a battery pack (yet). I don't know the Saturn/GM battery life span though.
The Prius seems to be very durable. And the bonus with the Prius being a popular taxi, is some cab company garages will repair them or replace batteries for far less than a dealer.
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