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Originally Posted by The Bigfella View Post
The bike came with a lot of spares.... including new ratchets. The ones in it are supposed to be new too.... but I'm pretty damn sure they aren't.

You think the hospital would complain if I got my son to bring the box and some tools in? The bed's table would take the weight. Surely I could explain it as occupational therapy?
I don't know how they'd feel. Probably depends on if you could talk the nursing matron into it.

I'm an old singles guy, and I'm a bit surprised you got hurt. Done properly, you shouldn't have to kick through compression if you use the valve lifter in the right way, especially with the heavy flywheels that has. If you bring it up against compression, then hold the trigger in as you begin the swing down and release it as you get to the bottom, the flywheels will carry you through the next compression stroke without having to really push that hard.

Best of luck, and have a speedy recovery!
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