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Originally Posted by SR1 View Post
Because, like I said, when it finally tanks, that is, the charging system goes or the engine has a problem, or the transmission, or whatever, else, No one is going to buy it to fix it up. They'll buy it for parts, maybe, for the last dinosaur Prius' out there, but no one's going to rebuild it. Instead, it will sit at the back lot of some garage, collecting weeds for the next millennium.

Or some hopeful soul will actually buy it, then realize what a problem he has, and it will gather the weeds in his own back yard.
Are you a mechanic? Do you know anything about hybrids? They aren't mysterious boxes filled with witchery. They're easy to work on. Remember when automotive control electronics became more complex? Ignorant people were very upset because automobile repair and modification would no longer be possible by the consumer. Not true apparently.

Why do you care? Would you even buy a hybrid?
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