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If the deal was for $8900 originally then I don't see how he's conducting business in an unfair way. If you thought you were eligible for an additional discount, then that's YOUR misunderstanding not the dealer trying to mislead you. And frankly expecting more discounts on a bike that you know regularly sells for $11,900 is asking a bit much. Put yourself in his shoes. He's probably not making a dime on that bike at this point.

Sorry, but I just have never understood this trying to squeeze every last penny out of a dealer. They need to make some profit just the keep their lights on. We typically pay MSRP on bikes when we buy them and then we get a fair discount on parts and accessories. Both of us feel like we're getting a good deal and both go away happy, plus the dealer made a bit of money so he's there next time I want to go sit on a bike or buy a helmet etc. And I can guarantee you that between my wife and I, we have saved way more money on clothing and accessories then we ever would have trying to save a few bucks on the price of a bike. Just me 2 cents.
Well I bought the damn thing on saturday Im having the dealer throw on heated grips and hand guards right away before I go pick it up. Thanks for the Advice guys!!
Now I have to decide which panniers to get. stuck between Jesse's and Hepco Beckers.
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