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1) No, I'm not a mechanic, but I do my own work on my own vehicles quite often.

2) Since the car is already old, and since it originally entertained a very small market segment anyway, it's reasonable to think that the number of people even interested in refreshing these cars or keeping them in good running condition 10 years out is quite small.

3) As a result of point 2, the aftermarket and OEM parts available will be smaller still, reflecting both the small size of the market for the older cars, and also the even smaller need for particular parts as they age.

4) As to why do I care...the topic is titled "what to do with an old hybrid." I offered a recommendation. Sell it before it's a money pit that no one wants. You'll constantly be sourcing parts from others with crapped out old Priuses trying to put a complete one together again.

That's what we do here. One person asks a question, other people give answers. Sorry my answer wasn't one you liked, but I wasn't talking to you anyway, was I?

5) Why are you so defensive? This isn't about you, and it's about an inanimate object.
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