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Local LEO's

Excellent ride report, but I have a couple of questions on your choice of roads.

I have ridden a bunch of miles over the past 40 years, most of them on Interstates and major US highways. My experience has always been positive. One thing I have wondered about is local law enforcement guys you might have occasion to run across. On the Interstate I typically run 10 over the limit all day long and have not had a ticket in decades. On the back roads however I've always imagined local LEO's might have reason to try and keep the county coffers filled with tourist cash, is this a legitimate concern on my part or have I been watching too much TV?

My only recent experience was with a camera car in Prescott Valley, AZ where I was clocked at 46 in a 35 and sent a ticket in the mail for $230. Prescott Valley police evidently are too busy dealing with real crime to actually catch you speeding and write a ticket. I'm curious if Prescott Valley is the exception to the rule or are a bunch of little jerkwater towns doing the same thing with camera cars, radar traps, and such.

The reason I ask is I'm planning a trip from Kingman to McMinville, TN this spring for a memorial service....I was planning on blasting back on I40 and being 2000 miles from Kingman in 3 or 4 days. Your trip report has got me to thinking about a slower, more relaxed trip thru the backcountry, maybe south going on my way to Tennessee and a more northern route returning home.

Your thoughts and experience would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mike
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