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Welcome Bent_boot42, ErikDK and Sckill. I admire your fortuitude in reading through all the posts in this thread!

To answer a couple of questions. No the stoppie followed by swinging the tail around to change direction is not a faster way of doing it. It's great fun, but it's not fast.

Moto Gymkhana on a trials bike is fantastic fun. We waive the rule that riders should remain seated due to the fact they haven't got a seat!

The weather is just about turning from snow and ice to wind and rain, so it's time to get the bike out and start rotating like crazy. Our first event of the year is coming up in a couple of weeks time and we have riders coming over from The Netherlands to have a go and show us how it's done, so we are really looking forward to that.

Can't wait to see the photos and videos that you will be producing of your efforts as they really do inspire other riders to have a go.

Big welcome also to another riding group that has just started up in Cebu in the Philippines, expect to see some video from them fairly soon.
Dedicated to the wonderful sport of Moto Gymkhana
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