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Originally Posted by cdwise View Post
Cruiser does not equal upright seating position to me rather foot forward and that is the position that I do not find comfortable for any length of time.
Some cruisers do have the pegs to far forward. I like the completely upright, sitting in a chair riding position, with a 90 degree knee bend, and being able to reach the bars with a bend in my elbows. I cannot handle the bent over position that puts weight on my arms/shoulders, having to bend my neck back to see where I am going and having my legs all scrunched up underneath me (the typical sport bike riding position) One of the reasons I love the riding position of scooters. Most of my weight is supported by the seat. I do have highway pegs on my Zuma 125, mostly because it allows me to use the entire floor for storage, but my legs are long enough (34" inseam) that it is not uncomfortable at all. And when not carrying something there, I can switch back and forth to help avoids leg cramps.
I won't spend more on a bike than I think it's worth, but if it's a good deal, I don't seem to have a problem buying bikes I don't need.
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