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Originally Posted by cdwise View Post
The only place on my recent ride from California to Houston that I saw those camera cars were in Prescott Valley, AZ. I have never seen one anywhere else I've been which includes Texas. There is a rhyme that I've heard some people use reportedly from some law enforcement folks:

"eight safe, nine mine"

On interstates I generally run 10mph faster but you do have to watch some of the small towns. I got a ticket in a small town approx. 80 miles southwest of Abilene last year where they had a sign dropping the speed limit 20mph after a bridge under the trees just before a downhill grade with another 20mph drop at the bottom of the hill.

As for the rider if you are staying on 90 all the way through Texas there's a rally in Houston this weekend. where I know some Helix fans will be attending.
That's pretty much the story of my life, if there's something going on this weekend, I'll be there next weekend. And that's the truth. It's my intention to be in Giddings this weekend and Houston next weekend. Do you think that any of those Helix guys might have a spare muffler just sitting in the garage that they'd like to get rid of? I seem to have done something drastic to mine because it's beginning to sound like a badly running cement mixer. I'll see what I can figure out in the morning and try to see if I can limp it into Giddings where I can do some work on it.
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