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Originally Posted by oldhippie1 View Post
You should buy something else after the deal I offered you. I know your not Helix material. Good luck.
Sorry if I upset you.
Last year I bought a beautiful 2004 Reflex with about 800 miles on it. I loved it but the years of sitting had affected the fuel system badly. I tried various methods to fix it, my efforts, paid mechanics and replacement of parts including the gas tank. She left me stuck on the side of the road several times and many other times shut off while riding on the highway. I don't want to go through that again. That is why I want a late model scoot that has been ridden.

I'm not a mechanic and while the deal you offered was a good one, it's not for me. Some mechanically inclined person will jump at your offer. I do appreciate your pm and wish I had the experience and knowledge to accept it.


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