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Originally Posted by MariusD View Post
The more I think about it the more I'm tempted to pick up one of the top cases you guys recommend.

So it's Garage pro ($45) VS bestem 929($90)

Is the bestem really much better? I do like the led light it has for some extra caution and it is a little sexier... hmmm...

If i order tonight I can probably still get it in time for the trip, I'll just have to probably install it the night before i leave, which sucks, but oh well...

So what y'all think?
I'm not sure how much better the Bestem is. TBH I never saw the JC Whitney one before, but I do like the extra visibility from the lights. I've also seen other posts on advrider and that give pretty good reviews to the Bestem and how easy it is to install. That doesn't mean the other one isn't good, though. I'm leery of things that seem to be too cheap, but also not going to spring for a high dollar Givi or equivalent.
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