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abso-bloody-lutely magnificent first long ride report

Stunning pics, and beautiful weather.

A few things I've found *really* useful for day/weekend trips have been the following:

1. HVMP Heavy bar ends. Riding my Honda Bros 650 (same engine as your Deauville) or my CBR600RR for 600 k's on a day trip often left my hands tingling from the vibration. These heavy / extra heavy bar ends are a God send, the first time I installed them on my Bros I could not believe how much better my hands felt after long trips. They made a huge difference to the vibration on my CBR too.

2. Charging my cameras & phones whilst riding. I often found on a weekend away ride, that my iPhone would run out of juice before the end of the day. Also if I took a lot of pics the old camera I had would be spent. This solved that problem:

a) Hard wire charging kit:
This hooks up to your battery, and the great thing about it is you can plug charging cables on for anything - iPhone, Satnav, Mini USB, Micro USB, (GoPro Hero3!) etc etc.

b) Y cable:
not so necessary, but, it's nice to be able to charge friends' GoPro's/cameras/phones/MP3 players whilst charging my iPhone at the same time. I can swap on different cables to charge just about anything, all whilst the devices sit safely in my tank bag or tail pack, and my iphone is charging in my jacket pocket. Word of warning though - for the love of God when you pull up to a petrol station, and your phone is in your jacket charging, unplug your phone first!! I swung off the bike before unplugging my iphone in my pocket, got tangled in the cable and almost ripped the whole thing out.

c) Here's a list of all the cables & motorcycle cradles/accessories that can plug onto the hard-wire charger:
You can get cables and cradles for almost any device you can imagine.

Edit: Sorry for hi-jacking your Ride Report - I'm not affiliated with these guys or anything, I just found their products useful and anything that can charge your camera while you ride so you can take more photos I'm sure is going to make everyone on this thread happy :-)
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