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Originally Posted by jmcg View Post
Another great RR!

Excellent pics, too.


Thankyou. I enjoyed myself!

Originally Posted by TDMTAM View Post
Congratulations on passing you test.
Great pictures
If you like bridges I can recommend the A828 from Ballachulish to Connel were there is the Connel Bridge. Its great road, and the river has some interesting currents that attract canoeist.
I've actually gone under it but looking through my pictures, I clearly didn't stop. I'm guessing that like the trip on Tuesday, I was in a rush to get to my destination as I didn't know how long I'd be. Though in that case I came home a different route so missed out. Thanks for reminding me, I'll make sure to check it out soon.

Originally Posted by M1tch View Post
Matt, I haven't been up to Scotland for a few years. Most times it was by car as I was carrying tons of gear. Once by bike in 2009. You and your photos have got me itching to get back. Plymouth is a long way down. If I recall correctly Fort William is 700 miles away. If not this year, then next year.
Yeah that would be a long one. Certainly not the kind of thing to be done on a whim anyway. How easy is it to nip over to France from Plymouth? Or is it deceptively awkward?

Originally Posted by Piaf View Post
I enjoyed that very much. Well done with the test and continue safely with your motorcycling. Thanks for taking the time and effort in posting your stunning photos.
Thanks man, glad you're enjoying them. Not all of the write ups are like that. There were a few last year that were little more than a handful of pictures with a short introduction. As I mentioned already, it took hours to write that one up. I'm not always in the mood to be doing that!

Originally Posted by kwakbiker View Post
Good pics...........guess your enjoying that extra power, rather than stopping why not go for a Darth Peach style and use a cord round the wrist to snap pics on the move, or perhaps take stills captured from a head cam?
Couple of reasons really. For starters, my camera is too big to be doing that sort of thing.

And it's bigger than that if I'm using the zoom lens. I'm also not happy about the idea of taking photos while riding. I know a few people do it but I certainly won't. So even if I did use a smaller point and shoot I'd still be stopping. It might make the process quicker but my photos wouldn't be as good. I moved up to a DSLR from a point and shoot specifically to give me more control over my pictures. I don't want to be going backwards.

The head cam is a good idea. So good in fact that I ordered a Drift HD a couple of days ago! It should arrive tomorrow actually. As well as video (obviously) it will hopefully be quite good for taking some shots in motion. I still wouldn't use it as my main camera though. You don't get the kind of pictures I've got up there from a video camera, head mounted or otherwise. A lot of the pictures involved a bit of moving about too. Not much, but enough to get a tree out of the way or just adjusting my angles.

I used a video camera as my main camera when I was in Australia as it was easier to carry about. Here's a picture of the Twelve Apostles in Oz.

As a photo it's fine but considering how fantastic the landscape is there, the picture is very ordinary.

So when you look at this picture you can see the improvement.

So I'm afraid my hoping on and off the bike will continue for the time being. I know I moan at myself but I love it really. I wouldn't do it otherwise.

Originally Posted by Rango View Post
Glencoe is...

all what you said and more.
You're so right when saying a mountainous landscape can profit from snow as it will disclose their true forms and structure.

Eilean Donan Castle could have profited too from a more wisely chosen color for its scaffolding.
So many tourists already? And it's only March?

In geography, lower grades, we learned the highest top in Britain was Ben Nevis. So glad it still holds the title.
Enjoying your reports, and the pictures. Ride on.

Well it is the Easter Holidays. Most of the tourists there were foreign though so I dunno how many places around the world get time off at Easter. I've heard it gets mobbed during the summer so I'm glad I went when I did, even with the scaffolding.

Yeah I think Ben Nevis will be the tallest for a while yet. If it changes it'll be because something cataclysmic has happened so you'll probably see it on the news.

Originally Posted by fraser2312 View Post
Great pics Matt, are they in HDR? Pity about the scaffolding but it's a fantastic excuse for another run up there
No, no HDR. I'm not a fan of that at all. HDR tends to remove the areas of shadow and like I mentioned about snow on mountains, I like shadows. A couple of my pictures look like they might be HDR (the ones at the bridge for example) because I screwed up the exposure haha! I had to darken them a bit which always gives a messed up look. I was really annoyed about those ones actually because the bridge with the mountain behind it was a great visual.

I'll definitely go back. I hate crowds though so not sure how I'll get on with it when it's mobbed in summer.
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