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Originally Posted by junglemototours View Post
I have some gopro footage of a transito encounter close to that area (the right turn leaving Puntarenas), I'll try to put it up soon....

Originally Posted by MoodyBlues View Post
Getting ready to pull the trigger and move to CR from Texas. Love it.

Originally Posted by jerdog53 View Post
I have Been wanting to for a while!

I hope I don’t get sued by Nike for saying this: Just do it!

Originally Posted by team ftb View Post
Loving the report!!
I live in another tropical environment and had plans to ride offroad from Mex-Panama next month going through your home country with as much offroad as possible. Arm in six pieces halted those plans. Would've been nice to share a few brews .
I've been in Thailand for 10 years and always on the lookout for another spot to hole-up for a bit. Thought about looking through Central America.
Onward through the fog my friend.

F*ck me buddy! Hope you broke the arm doing something fun. Also hope you heal up and can follow through with that epic ride. Beers for sure… six maybe. One for each piece of your arm.

Originally Posted by KiLO View Post
Thanks for this thread, Greg! I am not done reading, but thoroughly enjoyed the reports and photos

Kilo… careful down here with a name like that. Thank you for stopping by. More to come.
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