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We will also be installing two new front axles because when I was under the car with Ray, I noticed one of the boots starting to crack a bit. I don't know the history of these axles, its better just to replace them with new. Then I will use the old ones as spares.

How easily did your axles come out? I recently went to change out the axles on my 03 H6 and could not get the axle to budge from the knuckle, on either side. No amount of heat seemed to help either. Had to take the car to the local indie shop and they tried their hydraulic press, only to have the end of the axle shatter. Seems the splines were just welded in and this is on a car that saw little to no salt in it's life. I had to replace the knuckle assembly on both sides as well as the axles and bearings. I wanted to cry when I got the bill. What should have been a couple hours of me under the car ended up costing a small fortune. I wish someone would pay me $121 per hour for my labor!

Loving your build and looking forward to the story of your race.

- Ken
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