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Originally Posted by High Country Herb View Post
Interesting. I took "live a little" a different way. I assumed the OP wanted something sporty or wild, but not necessarily expensive, since the list of bikes included supermoto styles.
The obvious implication of the exchange I was referring to was that somehow the guy who goes into the dealership and buys a NC700 is somehow not living his life. As if two guys who go into the dealership with 10 grand, one who comes out with a Street Triple is living his life more then the guy who comes out with a NC700. In fact, both of them are living very similar lives, they spend their time going to a dealership and buying motorcycles.

I was just commenting on how I see this trend in a lot of younger people these days, defining themselves by the material objects they buy, in this case, pretending that exchanging money for one sort of motorcycle is "living life".

Simply put - don't lose sight of the meaningful things - which in my opinion, is something that is happening with people who follow the line of reasoning I was referring to originally. Cheers
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