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Originally Posted by ArcticRider View Post
Hey Gents,
I am new to the 690 and riding in Arizona (ambient temp 80'ish). It's a 2008 with 15K miles and the high temp warning light goes on frequently and the gauge reaches 12 bars and flashes. This occurs at stop lights as well as during uphill rides. No error codes are thrown.

The surprising thing is that the fan never cycles on until I am at what KTM manual indicates as "critical temps"--several minutes after the red warning light comes on and the temp bars max out at 12 and flash.

Appreciate any suggestions.

Follow-Up: The PO, the PPO and their long time riding buddy all brainstormed and offered not only the PO's fully stocked shop but even hands on help. The problem was a corroded ground! The corrosion caused the instrument cluster temp gauge to reflect a temp "2 bars" higher than the actual engine temperature. The fan continued to cycle at the actual temperature.

So the cluster would read 12 bars and begin to flash red before the fan would even be activated at 10 bars. The engine was never actually overheating. After the "crew" sanded all contact surfaces down to a fresh shiny finish, they applied some di-electric grease and tightened it up. Voila...the cluster started behaving properly.

One question: the bike was stored most of the past year with a battery tender attached. Is it possible the trickle voltage would encourage corrosion?

Hope this experience might help someone in the future....
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