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Dear Fritz,

Great narrative and feelings, same as for the graphics. You have been riding since January alone and counting everyday just alone. Amplify the feeling when some language barrier make things a huge blended 'smoothie' in your mind.
I 've just spent a week in the Georgia forest, secluded in the nature (with good company). Just a week and it felt like a month. I was living for almost 5 month in Lima (with good company) and it felt like a whole year.
I could imagine what it feel to you being 3 month on the road and not being really in one place for more than a week. I think not even real nomads could sustain a normal life like that.
I have just met a walker, not Johnny by the way but a guy that has been walking over the world for over 6 years. All over Europe and this time he was just ending the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia were I met him the other day. Well, an exceptional vagabond leaving on food stamps hahaha!

Don't push your mind, try to ride with somebody else. What about a girl 2up? hahaha well, for a while..... Just slow down, see just what you most can see at a different pace, later, another story you will tell. Enjoy everyday !!!!

Remember, everyday before you mount the bike, 'Work and routine is waiting for you up north', then ride at 55 m/hr. and smell the air.

Be safe buddy!!!
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