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the scoot seems to need a few minute with the engine running when i start or it's kinda rough out of the driveway. i'm assuming that this is just a break-in period thing.

the grippy engine braking is still a bit weird, but i'm accustomed it and have a good throttle technique with it now. also, sorta related: i rolled through a downhill corner in an intersection in the cvt equivalent of neutral (no throttle input) and when i rolled back on the throttle, it hitched and burped before kicking in. that was a little weird.

lastly, the turn signal switch is obnoxiously bad! i think i have the requisite pressure on it figured out, but OI, there was some in-town navigation where i was constantly checking the instruments when i should have been watching traffic. i think i got the feel for it now.

other than those nitpicks, it is AWESOME. did a commute into seattle with 12-20 mph gusts on the slab and it was smooth as butter regardless. backroads and city streets were like gliding on a little throaty cloud. turning and stability are a++ would ride again, and cornering is as fun as it was on the sportcity. man, this ride LOVES 35-60. despite some rain and gusts, it was a champ to ride and made mild inclement weather really pleasant. very happy overall!
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