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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
Don't know about anybody else, but I would buy a bike based on what I was going to use it for. I just can't see buying a Ducati for a "daily driver" If you want an exotic sport bike, and actually intend to use it as a sport bike, then get a Ducati. But do not expect it to be a good daily driver. Such bikes are to high strung and uncomfortable for "transportation"
By saying "Ducati" like they make only one type of bike is just insane.

The Multistrada is one of the best roadgoing bikes out there today.
The Diavel is very comfortable, and quite capable for a "muscle bike".

I had a first generation 2V Multistrada, and it was an extremely good bike to travel on, and was hella fun in the canyons to boot.
The Monster is a pretty fun bike, as well as the Hypermotard - and neither have extreme riding positions.

They make some great race bred bikes - and going back to the 916 most would agree their sportbikes require some dedication to put up with the ergos on your daily commute - but to say it's exotic and not well suited for daily driving shows how absolutely out of touch you are.

"high strung and uncomfortable".... you could not be more mistaken if you tried.
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