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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
Oh one more thing. If that Ninja has stock gearing, going up one more tooth on the front sprocket will make everything a lot better. The older Ninja 250 was one of those one in a million bikes that really was undergeared. Going up to a 15 tooth front sprocket will help on both the top end and the bottom end. It's better everywhere, no sacrifices anywhere.
I'll +3 this.

If you need new rubber, the Pirelli Sport Demons are an excellent choice for road use and wear. I have 6k on my set and the rear has yet to show any wear. They are slightly larger than stock though, but will give you a slightly higher seat height and I feel like they are more "stable" on the highway.

Also for touring, buy a cheap 08+ Ninja rear shock.

They are stiffer and raise your seat height slightly, they also have adjustable preload which the stocker does not. Best $40 mod you can do to the bike especially if you plan to tour.

God I love the little bastard. If you'll excuse me, I have to hop on it and head to work now

Touring The Gulf.
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