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Originally Posted by frontiercat View Post
Well, on my dirt road experience last weekend, I noticed how much the windshield flops around on the rough roads.

I thought that when I was installing the side wind shields (whatever they are called) I would add a small brace to see if it puts a bit of rigidity in the whole dash assembly. With my big honkin' Montana flopping around up there on the Madstad bracket.

Here is what I came up with. $3 worth of 1/8"x1/2"x36" cut down to two 8" braces:

Going camping off of the bike this weekend; report to follow!

That looks very effective.

Here is what I built to do the same thing plus hold my GPS.

First I made a templet.

From the templet I made the (two) brackets.

After the brackets were made (and powder coated) I clamped it to the bike (using a 3/8” bolt as a locator) and drilled the mounting holes.

Mounting hardware and the 3/8” locating bolt.

Right side mounted.

Left side mounted.

The hole on very the top of the mount I will put a cross bar that will hold my GPS. End result is I have a dual purpose bike with a dual purpose bracket. It stiffens the wind screen mount and holds my GPS.
Because of my metal inventory, and my contacts, my cost on this project was $00.00.

Lovin my Super “T"
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