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Originally Posted by jdgretz View Post
I'm not sure you'll be happy blasting along at 70 on 10" or 12" tires. My Helix is shod with 10"and 12" tires and up over about 55 it begins to feel a bit squirrely. The stability offered with larger tires at speed is really nice. But who knows, you might feel OK with it, I know a lot of people are.

I had my Vino up past 65 riding about 3 miles downhill, including a couple of sharp curves. It handled like it was on rails. The Stella on the other hand starts to feel a little shaky at 55. Large scooters like the Burgmans have relatively small wheels for their size. I think the problem with the Stella is that it does not have enough rake in the front end, but it could be something else.

I would not likely be riding any faster that 65 anyway, even if the speed limit was 75. I would stay in the right lane, put something bright on the back of the scooter to make it visible, and watch my mirrors a lot.
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