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T minus 6 days to the first real test and a quick trip tomorrow for a 1 day shakedown ride, disconnected shore power and hooked the trailer up so I could pull it out and load up. All systems are go! Well not.... no 12v anything. So I started tearing things apart, I checked the breakers and nothing,fuses..nothing. checked the battery and it was at 12.7v so the charger had been working, checked grounds, all showing 12.7 v....I was ready to burn the trailer after all the work I had in it. I took a breath and figured I would check voltage at the fuses and started pulling and checking, first 3 no volts, last one ...BLOWN. I forgot that all 12v goes through that fuse and I had left a 15 in there and had meant to change it, put in a new one and ...lights! I double checked everything and did a test with all lights on, water pump and Fantastic fan and we were good to go.
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