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500 bucks

Originally Posted by Dabears View Post
Yours looks great, but I actually don't mind the black or the silver- it's the Red contrasts that make little sense to me. Gray would be ok, black even better, but that red is just not a good idea for places that get a lot of sun, which ironically is typically where you're going to find scooters! (Note: I'm talking about the seat and the glove box being red, NOT gogogordy's Red finish- which i love!)

Ultimately I could still see owning one of these regardless- I like the overall look and the design just seems to make sense.

My local Vespa dealer has a bunch of them in stock now.

The black seat, glovebox, and handlebar plastic run about $500 bucks all told. ( I don't "get" the oxblood and some early owners report it fades quickly )

That said, I would've been pleased to have a silver one with the black, but Vespa Sherman Oaks in LA, the #1 selling Vespa dealer in these United States offered to paint to order his and her BV's, and well we bit at the offer. He then sourced the black goodies from Piaggio, and made us a deal we couldnt refuse. So there you have it.

The scooter rocks regardless of color, I just prefer to be visible which I didnt feel either the black or the silver are. In Europe there are 5 color choices, but just the 2 here for now....

In any event its the finest scooter Ive ridden, and for the money a compelling value...this coming from a serial Vespa owner. At this point I could not imagine spending more for a Vespa after test riding the BV-350. Yes I love my '06 GTS 250ie, but The BV-350 wasnt a consideration back then. So now I have a well used, well loved, and well maintained GTS 250, and a big-wheel BV-350. Two hallmark scooters IMO which should take care of all my scooting needs for along time to come.
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