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Originally Posted by gogogordy View Post
Ive yet to see a used BV-350 on CL, but plenty of BV-200, 250, and 500's.

For the record, MSRP on a 2013 BV350 is now 5699.-- and typically add 10-14% for fees and freight for a total nearer 6400.-- bucks. I'm not sure where you are seeing $2000 add'l. but even at MSRP and a a fair PDI and freight (the dealer needs to make something) that seems a bit rich.
This is also a Vespa/BMW dealer, so they get away with that. $5499 is for a 2012 model. Sales tax alone here would be over $500, and registration another $250-$300. After about 10 years, registration drops to about $20.
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