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Originally Posted by mfp4073 View Post
Actually, I have seen around common work area places guys who will paint all their tools with a swath of some obnoxious color like pink or orange. That way your friend doesnt put them back in HIS drawer after a repair. Keeps those high price tools both easily spotable AND well, who wants nasty painted tools so no one steals your good shit.
I was foreman in a cabinet shop years ago. It looked like the guys were spending way too much time looking to see if someone had one of their tools. I went to the lcal hardware store and bought one can of every color they had and told the guys to take a can and paint their tools, after they all got theirs the only color left for me was magenta . I've still got lots of tools this color and have to explain why, even after 18 years at my "new" job.

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