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Originally Posted by DFH View Post
Spot-on. The bikes listed above were the bleeding edge RSV4, Panigale & S1000R analogues of the early 1970's. They were the fastest of the fast. The technology leaders. BMW worked sport touring out with the R90S. A Superbike race winner on more than one continent that came with hard bags & a nod to comfort.

The fact that Harley markets 883 & 1200 sportsters new in 2013 that would be barely competitive with these bikes from over 40 years ago AND finds legions of customers willing to pay the inflated prices demanded for the things continues to baffle me. A retro-bike dripping with badass brand posturing is simply mutton dressed as lamb, sold to sheep.
Or it's just motorcycle riding, distilled down to its basics. Something I enjoy very much nowadays, having owned and tracked several examples of cutting edge performance. I don't really care what any of the advertisers do or say in an attempt to sell stuff.

As a side note, you left out the CB750, H2 (widow maker), and Z1, which were the real cutting edge performance bikes of the early '70's. a V7 - then as now - didn't even compare. Yet it was a wonderful choice for sport touring. A bike doesn't have to be cutting edge in performance to be a sport tourer.
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