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Originally Posted by mikec101 View Post
Can the learned members advise me, would I be utterly insane to attempt to buy one of these in China and ride it home, to Ireland? (Ignoring for the moment potential licensing, customs, and export issues)

And if so, is utter insanity of that type really a bad thing? I'll guarantee a trip report with lots of pics.

How about the rebuilt CJs with a BMW engine put in them? I'm assuming there's still a lot that can go wrong, final drive etc, but at least the engine would be reliable.

I wouldn't be looking to do it for a few years, possibly five, but currently I'm not up to much mechanically on a bike (no problem learning though).

Or is it just a complete non runner of an idea? Better to get a modern Ural and do it? (Runs into it's own problems with the left vs right hand sidecar thing). I know logically it would make a lot more sense to get a newer, more reliable bike, and probably even scrap the sidecar idea, but when it comes to bikes I've always let my heart rule my head, and I'd love to have one of these bikes, plus the story on how I got it back, at home.
If you like to daydream about Rooskie bikes for sale in foreign lands, check out these links to the Polish version of eBay.
A little bit shorter drive to the UK. The exchange rate is a little more than 4 Zlotys to the Euro... ... &country=1 ... &country=1 ... &country=1 ... &country=1 ... &country=1 ... &country=1
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