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another packing list

A friend of mine that does a bunch of dual sport riding sent me some tips from his list of essentials:


--take the bike's stock tool kit, modified to include a) better tools if something is total crap, b) things you know you will need for accessories YOU added that are not included in stock kit (allen wrenches, torx bits, etc)
--tire irons, tubes and patch kit OR plug-style repair kit for tubeless tires. I have changed a tire with the disassembled pliers that come in stock tool kit to prove to myself I could do it. It is possible if you are skilled.
--bicycle mini pump. they work over and over and over (unlike CO2), have plenty of capacity to seat the bead of a tire and don't take that long (had 8yr old pump to seat bead on rear tire and it took him 4 minutes)
--small flashlight
--lighter, though these last two could easily double as "camping stuff"
--spare clutch, brake and shifter levers
--knife or Leatherman

Take tools that are enough to let you DO the jobs you know how to do or are willing to do.

On the Body

--Heavy boots with rigid shank. I would strongly recommend MX boots, which make road boots look like leather tube socks. Alternatively, an 8-10" logger/quarry boot with steel toe. Check out the Danner Quarry, which is what I wear when I expect to hike/walk during the ride. I find them extremely comfortable, but even the Danners are wet noodles compared to the MX boots, which make your lower legs feel bionic.
--knee pads or braces
--lightweight shorts under some sort of overpant OR some burly shorts by themselves in hot weather. My SW trip I wore shorts, kneepads, logger boots under a JRocket mesh pant.
--armored jacket. Easier to take on and off as a unit, compared to elbow pads, roost deflector, jersey and jacket layers. Again, JR convertible nylon/mesh jacket on my SW trip
--long finger MX/MTB gloves on trail to keep cool and leather gloves on highway to offer some protection
--I have always run a street helmet, but will pick up proper MX helmet and goggles this spring, since I live so close to trails and have much less highway to contend with


--Sleeping bag
--2 Person tent for big guy and gear. My 2p tent packs only marginally larger than our 1p tent
--Bring only 3 days worth of clothing, including what you are wearing. Enough to have variety and spares, but not overkill supply.
--mesh bag for laundry. Rinse clothing out at campsite or when you take shower, stuff in mesh bag and tie on outside of luggage to dry during the course of the ride. Mountain fresh, indeed.

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