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Originally Posted by bwalsh View Post
I didn't say I expected anyone to "care for me". I'm quite capable of taking care of myself.
On the other hand, why shouldn't I expect cagers to respect my space? I respect theirs. Doesn't matter what I'm riding, driving or pushing. Some people are just assholes, plain and simple. But with more and more people having video cameras, more of these assholes are getting what "they deserve". Jail time.

Then you wonder why cyclists take the lane...its harder for a coward to run someone off the road when they are in the middle of the lane so to me, the asshole cagers are the cause of cyclists "taking the lane". :

I'll bet if the laws were toughened regarding hitting or running people off the roads, shit like this would become a rare occurrence...
Because they will not. You can expect what you choose but wishing and hoping ain't gonna get it done. It'll just get you killed.

The laws exist but aren't enforced. Let me give you a superb example which is ONE of many I personally know about.

A group of riders was on the shoulder when a car ran into them from behind. The result was one dead, his wife badly injured and many other injuries among the group and all had badly damaged or totaled bikes.

The cager claimed she swerved to avoid an oncoming car nobody in the bike group saw. She was charged with Careless driving but got off due to her ghost car defense. So she faced NO consequences for, due to no good reason, killing one, injuring many (one seriously) and doing much property damage.

Now had she run into, on that same shoulder at that same spot, a sheriff giving another cager a ticket, she'd have for sure faced vehicular homicide charges and convicted. The only difference is that she hit one of us instead of one of them.

This is the way things are. It's not the law but the attitude that if we are killed riding, we brought it upon ourselves FOR riding.
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