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So this lady in a silver Subaru Baja rolls up on us, slows down, and yells something out the window that ended in 'jackass.' I didn't hear it all. We were within 12-18" of the edge of the road, on a mile long straightaway when this happened.

So yesterday, same lady is passing us (coming at us) with her middle finger flying.

This AM I called the sheriff. I want something noted officially in case she snaps and actually does something to someone.

...and who gets the call for some strange reason? My buddy the town cop! Why the county sheriff called a town cop is beyond me, but there ya go. He said he was going to run the plate. I haven't heard anything back from that, but like I said: I want something on record showing that this particular person is harassing cyclists. Its been proven to help out in CO when cyclists have encountered idiots on the road that finally do something life-threatening (as has been posted in links in this thread)

So if you're riding out of Warrenton, VA and see a silver Subaru Baja with 'slvrfsh' plates, be warned.

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