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I have to comment on 'taking more responsibility(s)....trying to make someone else happy.' Luckily, I was bright enough to NOT throw a kid in the mix, but after 2+ decades of working my arse off, building two houses, barn, fencing, etc., in an attempt to make someone else happy (I won't bring up my career), I retired early, turning down a promotion, and walked into 'The Promised Land'! I had made it! I was living the 'dream'....for about 12 months. I was informed that I was ..... I won't get into that, but the divorce was a SHOCK! (BIG understatement!!)

It took me awhile to heal up and then try and figure out 'what the hell happened?' Dennis hit upon a key point: why do some of us continually suppress our inner desires in an attempt to make others happy? I finally hit upon my issues ( back to my up bringing) and it came as a big surprise.

Many CONGRATS to Dennis! For following an uncharted path!
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