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Originally Posted by bassplayinroach View Post
I uh... I don't know what to say. But I still wanna go. Just need to figure out transportation. Not sure if I should reserve a spot yet because of that. But I've never done this sort of thing and wanna hang, get shwasted, ride my balls off and get muddy.
You won't need a reservation unless you want one of the high-swag spaces with table, etc next to the river. As Mista Vern said, there's lotsa open camping space for use.

Transportation is whatever you want it to be. Doesn't necessarily have to be two-wheeled. Shucks, we've even had an idiot show up in a military deuce-and-a-half. (and if said idiot is reading this, he had better be there this year,too. With Goldilocks.)

You don't want to miss this small,quaint and friendly gathering. It's going to be EPIC!

P.S. Bring pepper spray and barf bags. You have been warned.
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