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Fun ride over the weekend. Puttering around in the mountains.

Came upon a bicycle race. Ug. Didn't realize it at first, as I was passing first one bicycle, than several bicycles. Finally noticed the tags on their backs.

Continue passing where possible (not easy with bicycles riding three abreast), until I come to the big clot. About 100 riders in a pack, spanning the entire roadway on both sides of the yellow stripe. Complete with cars in front and in back, just to make sure no one passes them, and to help force cars coming the other way onto the shoulder of the road.

Lovely way to spend nearly an hour. Slowly working our way up the mountain, and then down the other side. Well, at least being real racers they were moderately quick. We went up at about 15-20 mph. OK, it was 50 mph road, but what the heck.

One set of peddlers in that race gave me a new problem to ponder. They were deliberately trying to crash one another. I held back for a bit, considering my options. Finally decided the best thing was to pass them, but on the far side of the roadway.
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