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When I ordered the door decals..I ordered them too big. They were not going to work. Luckily, Lonnie is the man, so he did some cutting and came up with some great solutions. Using elements from the original decals and some he made up, we now have most of our numbering and graphics done. There are still a few things we will be doing and sponsors to add.
The RSM in front of the 12 is the NORRA class I am running (Rally Stock Medium) and it is required to be there.

Cory came down this weekend and we worked two full days on the car. We had both wanted to go to the Desert 100 motorcycle race in Odessa for a little fun and to watch Luke race his crazy bike, but with only 18 days until the green flag drops in Mexicali....I had work to do. Luckily, Cory was here to help.

I know that Cory took a couple of more photos than I did, and I hope he posts them up here. But we were very busy and really didn't even think of taking a bunch of photos. Since Cory is signed up as a co-driver and may have to drive the car if something happens to me or Laura, he wanted to make sure the ergonomics would be ok for him....

Yep...that'll do

Before we got started on Saturday morning, we called David and got the lowdown on removing and installing the front CV axles. Good thing we did too, because our internet research had people saying that the brake caliper needed to be removed and pulled out of the way..this of course, is not true. I would say that internet advice is about 50% accurate.....either its right, or its wrong

The axles came out like butter and while Cory was working on those, I was messing with the struts. One of the front struts was completely blown. We built up some hybrid struts using 03 (2nd gen) Forester springs and hardware with brand new 1st gen Forester struts. The results is the car has some more instant lift in front..even with one of the spacer blocks removed. Of course, you'd need to see pictures of this...which of course I don't have. The struts are longer giving more travel and the springs are a little stiffer, so bottoming is less of an issue and less harsh when it does bottom out. We also contemplated removing the front sway bar, but for now, opted to keep it in.

Even with two 1 inch spacers in the rear, the front is higher. It actually works for this style of racer so I think I will leave the one spacer in the front instead of trying to level the car. Now it looks like a mini trophy truck

Ok. It doesn't, but it does give me a higher approach angle and will help with the Vados and whoops in Mexico.

The car handled great and I was scheduled for a proper alignment for Monday morning. While testing the car on Saturday, we had an oil cooler line come off and dump oil all over the place. This is the 2nd time this has happened so we are now going to fix this known issue with some better clamps and/or hoses.

Then while testing on Sunday, the car started misfiring. It was throwing a code saying it had a misfire in cylinder 4. I was a little anxious...well, I'm very anxious about everything with the race being only two weeks away. We figured it was either a spark plug or wire issue or maybe a clogged fuel the gas tank had been low for awhile..maybe something got sucked up?

I filled the gas tank and dumped in a can of Sea Foam for good measure and headed back to the shop. When Cory removed Cyl 4's spark plug cap...some water splashed out. It would seem that while I was testing the car on the forest road without the skidplate and aiming for every puddle and hole I could, some water got inside and was causing the problem. New platinum plugs, dielectric grease and better cables and we were back in business!

That is of course before Cory noticed a nice fuel leak coming from somewhere on top of the fuel tank. When David built the motor, there was some issues with the EVAP system and he changed it up a bit. We always had the odor of fuel whenever the car was filled up. We were going to address this issue but kept forgetting because I have been too cheap to fill the car up

I did buy a new gas cap and we installed that this weekend. Well, it seems that the old cap probably allowed venting through its shitty o-ring and the new one did my theory is the tank is self venting through one of the top inlets or outlets or perhaps a bad rubber fuel line; as we all know how great ethanol fuel is on components.

Well, now I was really anxious,because to drop a Subaru tank just to check the fuel lines on top requires you to remove the exhaust, the driveshaft, the rear differential and the rear axles....not exactly something we were up for doing. I called David and he said it would be about a 3 hour job for him to do it, but he'd rather do it at his shop because he wants to fix the EVAP problem once and for all.

I put the old fuel cap on, and yesterday drove the car to Vancouver without incident. Besides for the fuel issue, which is now being addressed, the car is running perfectly. The suspension is probably as good as one could get using stock components. and everything but the alignment is spot on. The alignment was so bad that on right hand corners I had understeer and on left hand ones I had oversteer

Once David is done, It will finally get that alignment!

So basically, the only things left to do are to figure out what we are bringing down with us and how we will mount the spares and tools in the back of the car. Tim has a little bit of work to do with the aux electric stuff and Lonnie has a few more graphics to put on. Ray is figuring out the window net system and that should go in later this week when I get the car back.

And I have some other fantastic news (for me)...David is now coming to Mexico with us!!

That means that the guy who built the race motor, and knows these cars up and down, is going to be at the bivouac waiting with tools if necessary! I think our chances of finishing, and finishing well, just went up a whole bunch!!

Now if we could just figure out why the cruise control won't work....I'm really dreading the I5 slab haul without it! We've replaced every component except for the steering wheel switch.....David is doing that now.

We also keep adding more Mexican components to the car to help get it acclimated for the race...

Viva La Mexico!!

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