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So much depends on what you shoot.If it is static landscape-by no means 3/4 is fantastic now in decent light.If you want to hit a moving target,like BIF, then dslr has no substitute.I carry both in my bag.When i jump on my bike, i throw my 1DII N over my shoulder.Yes, it is heavy bastard,it's only 8MP.But autofocus and metering are fantastic,it is sturdy tank,and still takes nice pictures.
This was late October, park st Jacques. This dude pulled his canoe off his pick up.We started talking, he said" i just got a good deal on it, wanna finish the season" i pushed him off and snapped this shot.Or try to get that bird with a compact.Anyway,I can tell you one thing- no matter how mush we shoot, it's not enough.
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