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Originally Posted by donnh View Post
Yikes! I've been delinquent in my ADV duties, ha. I decided to skip an ADVrider RR this trip and do a blog instead. I considered doing both but wanted to spend more time riding and exploring than typing, strange thing.

I don't want to hijack this excellent RR so here is my blog link;

One of the group who did the ride 50 years ago has a blog here:

Ok, so let me get this straight... I need to locate some shady corridor in BA and follow a giant guy I don't know with a ton of cash in my pocket to get some currency of questionable authenticity? Geesh! I thought just riding the motorcycle was adventure enough!

We should be in BA in the next few days.....

Thanks for the links to your blog and also to the 50th anniversary SA tour blog! I am really happy to see your information here.

Our hero, Ulyses, seems to have one major difference in the execution of your ADV plan. Somehow you managed this epic journey while still keeping your job. I am not sure how you did this, and will have to read your entire story.

Have a safe journey to Buenos Aires, and back home.

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