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hey guys some people have been having problems with water intrusion into the air box after the mod to it.If you take off your seat youll se why any water that lands on the gas tank will floe down it between the seat and tank and right on to the top of the airbox. Im trying to figure out a better way to open up the air box maybee taking it out and opening up the area were the exsisting holes are on the side ?? and then adding some type of deflextor plate to the water roll down over it wont get sucked into the air box ?? something to think about when you do your mod ??
I used to stretch the foot of an old pair of pantyhose, sprayed with silicone, over the airbox lid, which seemed to do a fairly good job of keeping crap out of that hole. Nothing's going to stop a submerged airbox from filling up, but I've yet to fill enough of the airbox that it affected running, without actually submerging the bike; just riding in rain never proved a problem. Draining a bit of water out of the bottom of the airbox never worried me -- it's just one of those things to check when you're lubing the chain.
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