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okay, this scoot ROCKS. now that i've really started breaking it in, i've found it to be as flickable and nimble as the sportcity 250 despite the size, and the midrange power curve is REALLY satisfying.

let me amend a few things after almost 500 miles (in two weeks)
- it no longer needs to "warm up" after ignition. i can now hit the button and go without any real accleration burps.
- i've gotten used to the engine braking. it takes a little more throttle finesse at parade speeds and stop-and-go to smooth it out, but the hitches aren't paticularly annoying now -- they're almost imperceptible.
- you can lean like a mofo with it. i was being way too nervy earlier. i shredded woodinville-redmond road (mild twisties, some rough patches) and rode hard on the ass of a ducati monster . (he coulda destroyed me, he was just riding smart)
- my wife thinks it actually looks sexy <3 (she has bad taste in men AND bikes)
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