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Originally Posted by Geek View Post
Is this one of those tanks where the specs don't accurately tell the story?

Tier 8 premium tank with:
tier 7 turret
tier 7 gun
tier 9 engine
Tier 7 tracks
Tier 7 radio

Almost out-dated, the KV-5 is still a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

As per the "How To Play's" state, it is for the ultra-aggressive bully playstyle. Against multiple tier 8's it can have issues, but to clean up an area of smaller tanks it works wonders. That said, it has been suggested that drivers monitor the battlefield and avoid the mass of higher tier tanks, and instead drive elesewhere to clean up the enemy's lower tiers first.

And when I write agressive - I mean I'll even push my own team out of the way to get into the fight if they block me with it. It's almost as if it's the tank to play if you're angry and out to kill everyone - like, everyone on both teams - that's the kind of aggression that makes the tank work.

I would rate its armor amount (total HP) at tier 9 I guess... so it's not like you can't get hit a few times.

Deceptive speed for such a large tank, it rams nicely.

But the gun means you better know where to hit nearly every tank it comes up against, even though it does have limited MM placement (doesn't see tier tens, and very often - if it does get into a battle with tier 9's - there is only one or two tier 9's per side).

The KV-5 is a monster in the right hands, yet easily defeated in the wrong hands. I've solo'ed one in a Type 59 (both with full HP to start), but then I've beat down 59's with my KV-5 before (rare).

Why would you want one? I'm not sure. The game has progressed with so many capable and faster smaller tanks (the Type 59, Chinese Mediums, and maybe even the newer American and German lights... etc.) that the KV-5 is at a disadvantage when talented OPFOR players are on the battlefield.

I own one, and I am glad I bought it for its time just to experience that playstyle when it worked. Note that some have found it works even better against lower tiers if you drive into battle backward.
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