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Originally Posted by gtj View Post
Thought I could eventually figure this out, but haven't been able to find a reasonably easy way to do so.

What are the recommended ways to find gas stops in the appropriate range when planning a trip.

Say I have a typical average range of 300km and wish to find some gas stops every 300km or so along a track/route to have saved as waypoints in the GPS during the trip, so I dont have to call CAA .

In Basecamp, I can use the find feature for fuel POI and locate fuel stops when centered on the map. I don't see a "find" like feature in Google Maps, but could transfer Google Maps waypoints to Basecamp and onto the GPS if this is a possibility? Is there some type of scale feature or something better than just guessing at the 300 km distances from the small "scale" in the lower left corner?

Much Appreciated.
There is a Trip Planning "tool" coming in v4.2 which might help you plan out your stops during the day and from day to day (I wouldn't use the v4.2.0.1 Beta unless you understand all of the caveats).

But, when it comes to Gas stops in remote areas of any country, once found in your planning I'd call the business just to make sure they are still in and have fuel.

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