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Originally Posted by Apple Jam View Post
Wife and I are in the process of deciding what to do/where to go for a week in September this year.
We enjoy Adventure-Style riding and camping decidedly OFF the beaten path.
I ride a 990A, she rides a DR200.

Seems like your DR650/DRZ400 for me, and maybe the KLX250 for her (lowered please; she is 5'4") could just be the ticket

We've never been to HI, can we camp many places?
We prefer dispersed (free/nowhere/anywhere) camping here in our Forests,
...but does this type of camping exist much on the Islands?
We hate the classic big State-type campgrounds as much as multi-floor mega-hotels.

and...can you offer enough route info to keep us busy for 3-4 days looking for the stuff normal tourists don't get to see?
Not "trails", but bad & dirty roads and the like

Last question: Do YOU two wanna visit Oregon for a similar experience? (see my sig line link)
Hey Apple Jam, you guys sound like my kinda people! You certainly have the right idea in mind and I can absolutely turn you on to back "road" routes, muddy trails, rainforests, lava trails, mountain summits, you name it.

There are a handful of permitted type camp areas; some in forests, some on da beach. Aside from those areas, you can find plenty of places to throw a tent. I could keep you busy for weeks... 3-4 days would be no problem but still give you enough time to at least check out the primo spots.

To answer your question... hell yes! Funny I just saw this post as I just got off the bike after doing a ride to Waipio Valley this afternoon. While I was at the valley overlook eatin my apple, a guy started asking me about the bike, etc... turns out he is from Oregon and we start chatting about the awesome riding I've heard about there. Sounds like you are the guy to show me around when/if I can make it over there!

Speaking of guided tours... I am actually working on logistics of offering them myself. I should have more info soon but I'd be more than happy to head out with you guys as a guide if you're interested. The riding here is unbelievable and you should certainly come over if you can!
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