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Originally Posted by kellymac530 View Post
Brake rotor looks nice, sucks about your wheel. I hate it when companies are clueless.
Thanks! Shit happens, but patience overcomes all... As aloof as the place is, they got the wheel done quickly after everything was spelled out for them, and I picked up the the new baby today!

The work seemed ok, but there were a couple of sharp burrs that I pulled off before putting on a new rim strip and tube. Yes, tube - short on time now, I ditched all efforts to go tubeless... maybe someday. Also concerning was the fact that I wasn't sure I'd be able to set the bead on the wheels since my air compressor went bye-bye to the storage unit.

Wheels and the caliper adapter for the larger rotor went on with fresh grease w/o a hitch. I mounted the rear tire on backwards, then went back and fixed it, then got the front on. Even all that went smoothly - I think I'm getting the hang of this whole tube thing! I think my problems earlier all stemmed from not using enough lube.

Anyway - took her for a spin and absolutely adore this bike. Can't think of a better bike for any kind of money. Seriously. Just bombed around the neighborhood, but the handling is awesome. Obviously, new rubber doesn't hurt, but the 19" rim settled the front end a lot - much more stable now. The front tire is a 110 width on a 19x2.5" Excel Takasago rim.

I had to use the front brake a bunch to get her set in to the new rotor, but it works well now. Brakes are finally where they should be stock. They're not crazy strong now, but certainly respectable. I was a little concerned about how the bike would look with the new wheel since I've seen some KLR's with a SM setup and wasn't hot about it; I think it's great now, looks better than stock, IMO - I like the look of the larger rotor as well.

Between the wheel and the Dyno - this is a much improved ride. Money well wasted. I still can't believe this bike turned out.

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